clear aligners suresmile
clear aligners suresmile

Straighter Teeth
in less than 6 weeks

clear aligners suresmile

Straighter Teeth
in less than 6 weeks

6 months or less – Achieve your dream smile.

FREE Whitening, aftercare & retainers! Life-changing results achievable at our state-of-the-art practice.

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    Instant 3D Smile Preview

    With the latest advances in orthodonic technology, you can see your future smile in 30 seconds.

    The Best Orthodontists

    Our orthodontists are hand-selected with decades of experience.

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    We have 0% payment option available to fit your budget!

    Benefits of Clear Aligners

    Designed for predictability & control

    Experience a new level of orthodontic treatment where efficiency, safety, and predictability converge, offering you a seamless journey to the smile you’ve always desired.

    Comprehensive 3D visualization of your dental structure, ensuring movements that respect the health of your teeth and bones. This approach not only guarantees effective and time-efficient treatment but also minimizes potential orthodontic risks.

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    At your consultation you will meet Dr James & the team, get all your questions answered and get a clear indication of what is possible and the costs including monthly finance.

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    Based in Leeds, we have successfully created hundreds of beautiful, straighter smiles!

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    What Our Patients Say About Dr James?

    Absolutely brilliant from start to finish - I never thought my teeth could look so good - Thank you so much to James and his fantastic team and of course SureSmile!


    James Taylor has been my dentist for many years. Lovely practice with lovely, well-presented premises and friendly staff. I always look forward to my visit here and can’t recommend it enough.


    James and team at The Dentist have been excellent. End of teeth straightening now! No longer embarrassed to smile- so very pleased with the end result!


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    Imagine what Clear Aligners could do for your smile. Join hundreds of other patients who have transformed their smiles with Clear Aligners!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find more answers about Clear Aligners

    Clear aligners move the teeth through a series of careful and controlled planned movements. Each aligner will move certain teeth in a particular pre-set sequence which will move the teeth accordingly over the course of treatment. The aligners are given to you in batches with each aligner needing to be changed around 7 days.

    Due to the technological advancements in Invisalign & Suresmile over the last decade, there is a lot more scope to treat more complex tooth movements with Invisalign & Suresmile. Thus the vast majority of complex tooth movements can be treated with Invisalign & Suresmile.

    There are a number of benefits to using Invisalign & Suresmile aligners to straighten your teeth. Firstly, they are clear so they will be less noticeable. They are also considerably more comfortable than traditional braces and they are easier to keep clean as you can take them off when you eat and when you brush your teeth. By being able to take them off you can also keep your aligners cleaner. You will also love the fact that there are no food restrictions with Invisalign & Suresmile aligners. Simply take them off at meal times, enjoy your food and put them on again. Of course, good dental hygiene is a must after each meal but other than that they make mealtimes easier and more comfortable.

    Clear Aligners apply a gentle force to the teeth over the course of the treatment. There is some initial discomfort as the teeth start to move, but no pain.

    Most patients can achieve their desired result of beautifully straight teeth within 6-9 months. As long as you follow your dentist’s instructions, you will see a definite improvement in the straightness of your teeth.

    Following consultation we can normally get the aligners shipped and fitted within 3-4 weeks.

    Aligners work by applying a gentle force on your teeth to move them gradually. Once you’ve gone through the process you will no longer be wearing your custom aligners and it is possible that your teeth will start moving back to their original position. For this reason, your dentist may recommend all patients to be given fixed removable retainers. At the Dentist we offer premium Memotain fixed retainers. 


    The retainer will keep your teeth in place during the natural movement of your teeth, gums and jaw. At The Dentist, you will be advised on the amount of time and frequency you should be wearing your retainer. We offer both fixed and removable retainers.

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    Book a FREE consultation today!

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