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Price List

We have outlined costs below for treatments. But each patient is different, and costs and treatment plans can be tailored to you.

Finance Options

We offer affordable monthly payment plans and finance options for more information.

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New patient consultation £78.50
Routine examination £57.50
(50% discount ages 5-12)
Small x-rays £13
Large OPT film x-rays £40
3D CT scan of the jaw From £100
Basic hygienist scale & polish £63.50
Basic hygienist Airpolish £85.50
Small tooth-coloured fillings £135*
Large tooth-coloured fillings £195*
Dental Inlays From £485
Crowns From £680
Bridges (per tooth) From £680
Veneers From £680
Composite veneer £300*
Cosmetic bonding £195*
Boutique home whitening £325
Enlighten Premium Combination Whitening £650
Conscious intravenous sedation £350*
Single-rooted extractions £110*
Multi-rooted extractions £145*  £185 (Surgical)
Single-rooted root canal £375*
Multi-rooted root canal £475*
Dentures from £550
Single tooth implant £2300
Sinus grafting £1000*
Small area bone grafting From £350*
Teeth straightening require consultation
(free consultation with our clinician)

*indicates price from