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Teeth Whitening

If you would like to lighten the shade of your teeth, then professional teeth whitening is a safe and recommended option for you to consider.

We offer two options to safely whiten your teeth. 1. Home whitening system. 2. Combination of in home and in surgery system. 1. Boutique, 2. Enlighten.

With both systems, trays are typically worn overnight. However with Enlighten, after two weeks of overnight wear, one hour in surgery treatment is provided to enhance your whitening further. Enlighten also guarantee a final colour which can be achieved, using their advanced whitening products, which are delivered individually for each patient.

  • Effective solution for certain types of tooth discolouration and staining
  • Safe treatment when delivered by a dental professional
  • Cosmetically enhances the appearance of teeth

The Dentist is excited to be a regional centre of excellence for ‘Enlighten Whitening’. Enlighten whitening concept involves a more advanced customised whitening tray, along with a treatment protocol that will ‘money back guarantee’ you a great result no matter the difficulty of the case.

What to expect at your initial consultation?

At your one to one appointment, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the procedure and can ask us any questions.

Depending on the treatment, you may get to see a FREE simulation of your new smile before your procedure begins.

We try to make treatment as affordable as we can by providing monthly payment plans, including 0% finance.

Why choose us?

Award-winning dental practice

Award-winning dental practice

1,000+ smiles transformed

1,000+ smiles transformed

0% finance is available

Finance options are available

FREE 3D Smile Simulation

Latest in digital technologies

Your Teeth Whitening Journey…

  1. Fill out the contact form to start your journey
  2. A member of our award winning team will be in touch, we will be able to discuss your wishes, and how we can help you move forward
  3. At your consultation, we will discuss and agree which whitening system is best suited to your needs
  4. You will be assessed for the type of staining your teeth have
  5. A custom whitening tray is made to fit snugly over your teeth
  6. The teeth whitening process is activated by a whitening agent, which is inserted into the custom tray
  7. The process will be demonstrated in full to you by your dentist


There are many causes for discoloured teeth and most of them have to do with diet and lifestyle. Smoking, red wine and coffee are considered the main culprits, but consuming food and beverages with a lot of food colouring will also cause your teeth to become discoloured. Other factors contributing to discoloured teeth can be poor dental hygiene, tooth and gum diseases and certain medications. That is why you should talk to your practitioner at The Dentist. Treating the problem is one thing, but it’s important to know why teeth become discoloured in the first place, so you can take some preventative measures.

Advances in dentistry have made getting your teeth whitened easier than ever. The Dentist has a number of different teeth whitening treatments for you to choose from. Treatments can be done in our clinic or we can put together a kit so you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home.

Enlighten Whitening is a method of whitening your teeth with an advanced whitening tray. Combined with superior quality whitening products you can achieve beautifully white teeth in as little as 15 days. Your dentist will take you through the process from getting you fitted with your custom tray, to the application of the whitening agent and the best time to let Enlighten Whitening perform its magic.

Your first visit to the dentist for a tooth whitening treatment involve the dentist assessing the level of discolouration. You will then be fitted with a custom whitening tray to take home with you. The tray is filled each night with a special whitening product and, in most cases, you will wear the tray over your teeth overnight. This process usually lasts for two weeks and you’ll need a follow-up visit with your dentist once this two-week period has passed. By this time, you should have achieved your desired whitening result.

The most obvious benefit of having your teeth whitened is a brighter, whiter smile. You’ll have more confidence and you’ll smile more, particularly in social and business situations. When you have your teeth whitened by a dental professional, the results are safer and more effective. This is an effective method of dealing with stains and discolouration of your teeth.

Enlighten and Boutique Whitening systems are a gradual method of whitening teeth and can be done while you sleep. The process lasts about two weeks, although if you’ve got a more serious staining or discolouration problem, you may need to repeat the process until the desired shade has been achieved. With Enlighten there is an in surgery whitening treatment.

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