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All-On-4 (Same Day Teeth)

If your dentures are becoming uncomfortable and tiring, or if your teeth are starting to fail, we have a solution that will give you permanent and comfortable teeth once again.

All-on-4 is a highly advanced treatment protocol that provides a full jaw of new teeth with proven stability, on only four implants. Here at the dentist, we can offer solutions to the most complex cases. Using either conventional implants or ‘Zygomatic’ implants, we can cater for all eventualities.

  • Your perfect smile will enhance your confidence
  • No need to hold back your laughter
  • No need to restrict your choice of foods

The Dentist has an exciting solution for people who have become disenchanted with dentures or who have missing teeth. All-On-4 is a treatment protocol that can replace a full jaw of teeth with only 4 implants needing to be fitted. This highly advanced treatment does away with dentures and gives you a full set of teeth with incredible stability. With All-On-4 teeth, you get a long term, permanent solution with teeth that look and feel natural. Even more amazing is that we can achieve all of this in a single day.

What to expect at your initial consultation?

At your one to one appointment, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the procedure and can ask us any questions.

Depending on the treatment, you may get to see a FREE simulation of your new smile before your procedure begins.

We try to make treatment as affordable as we can by providing monthly payment plans, including 0% finance.

Why choose us?

Award-winning dental practice

Award-winning dental practice

1,000+ smiles transformed

1,000+ smiles transformed

0% finance is available

Finance options are available

FREE 3D Smile Simulation

Latest in digital technologies

Your All-On-4 Journey…

  1. Fill out the contact form to start your journey
  2. A member of our award winning team will be in touch, we will be able to discuss your issue, and how to move forward
  3. You will be given a local anaesthetic and offered sedation if you are anxious
  4. State-of-the-art technologies such as CT Scanning are used to plot the location of just four implants in your jaw
  5. These implants form a sturdy base for a full jaw of teeth to be secured on top of
  6. Once the surgery is completed we will fit you with a temporary bridge (which looks and functions just like natural teeth) before we construct your bespoke permanent teeth a few months later. You walk out on the same day with a beautiful, natural and functional smile!
  7. The permanent teeth will look and function just like natural teeth


With dentures you are constantly taking your teeth out and putting them back in again. Dentures can fall out accidentally, whereas All-On-4 teeth won’t. All-On-4 teeth are a permanent, fixed solution for those who need all or most of their teeth replaced. Once the procedure is complete, your teeth will look and feel like natural teeth. That means you will have a stunning, natural looking smile and you’ll be able to eat all of your favourite foods without fear or indecision. Best of all, no more dental adhesive or gums being irritated from rubbing against your dentures all the time.

The first visit you make at The Dentist is the initial consultation. During this visit, your dentist will use state-of-the art CT scanning to get a clearer picture of the state of your gums and jaws. This will also help your dentist decide the best 4 points to plant the implants. These implants form a strong, stable base for the full jaw of teeth that will be fitted at a later date. Once the implants have been fitted into your jaw, our laboratory technician will prepare your teeth and you will be fitted with temporary bridges in the interim. This means you can leave surgery with brand new teeth in a single day. Once the implant sites have properly healed, you will come in for your permanent replacement teeth to be fitted. You now have beautiful new teeth to show the world.

The best part about an All-On-4 teeth is that they will look and feel completely natural. Not only will you have a winning smile, you will also be able to eat, drink and be merry. Just like you used to when you had all your own, natural teeth. There will be a period when you need to become accustomed to your new teeth, but this adjustment phase will only last a few days to a week or so.

Good News! Yes! At The Dentist, you can certainly have your upper and lower jaws fitted with All-On-4 teeth.

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