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At The Face, our signature techniques, used to rejuvenate the face, feature a combination of dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and skincare treatments.

Each is strategically planned and placed by award-winning dentists and aesthetics practitioners Dr Ruth Brady and Lynda Allman to reverse the signs of ageing with stunning naturalness and subtlety.

Each treatment is meticulously planned following a full facial analysis and tailored around the patient’s unique anatomy to take years off the appearance.

Our advanced aesthetic treatments raise the art and science of rejuvenation to a new level. Their signature techniques are revolutionary.


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Treatments and Expertise

Anti-wrinkle treatments on forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet

Lip and peri-oral augmentation

Cheek augmentation including tear troughs

Non-surgical rhinoplasty to improve the shape of the nose

Chin and jawline augmentation

Hyperhydrosis (control of excessive)

Skin boosters to rehydrate and plump the skin

Facial slimming

Skin-firming needle treatments

Collagen-based skin boost treatments including platelet-rich growth factor

Headache and muscular jaw pain treatments

Unsurpassed Aesthetics Experience

  • Surgically-trained
  • Award-winning aestheticians
  • Renowned advanced aesthetics practitioners
  • International lecturer and trainer
  • Excellence rated by SaveFace

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Before and Afters

Dr Ruth Brady

Meet Dr Ruth Brady

Dr Ruth Brady is a multi-award-winning Dental Surgeon who has gained recognition for her work in the field of dentistry known as Advanced Facial Aesthetics. She now lives and works in North Yorkshire but worked for many years at her own practice in South Yorkshire and more recently at ‘Perfect Eyes’ Ltd on Harley Street in London.

Dr Ruth works non- surgically over the whole face to improve the structure and balance of a variety of features. She improves profiles by changing the balance between the nose, the chin and the lips and enhances features such as the cheeks to make the face look younger. She also uses many techniques to improve skin quality and tightness by boosting collagen production, which helps it to look younger. She can also slim down the face by reducing the bulk of the jaw muscles.

She also has great success in treating oro-facial pain and jaw joint pain, symptoms of clenching and grinding, certain types of headaches and excessive sweating.

Meet Dr Lynda Allman

Dr Lynda Allman is a Dentist with a wealth of experience in Facial Aesthetics. In Dentistry her career has spanned 34 years so far and still going strong. She has a background in Maxillofacial Surgery and General Dental Practice and was Clinical Director of her own successful Private Dental practice for 20 years. During that time she became fascinated by the art of Facial Aesthetics, finding that it perfectly complemented her expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and the treatment of facial pain, jaw joint disorders, and chronic migraine.

Lynda’s ethos is always to treat her patients as she would want to be treated herself. She is known for her kind, calm and gentle approach and for being a great listener. Lynda believes that the combination of her experience, professionalism and attention to detail is the key to achieving outstanding results for her patients.

Lynda can advise and help you with different techniques to improve the quality and texture of your skin and soften fine lines. Commonly she uses dermal fillers and collagen builders to restore vitality to depleted skin, replace volume in sunken cheeks, enhance lips, define weak chins and jawlines and correct misshapen nose profiles.

Dr Lynda Allman

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