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The good, the bad and the ugly of having dental treatment abroad

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry more and more Brits are flocking abroad to get their dental treatments done.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry more and more Brits are flocking abroad to get their dental treatments done. As what does sound better than resting up from your dental procedure than lying on a beach or relaxing by the pool. Combining luxurious holidays with a smile makeover—often at half the price than those treated in the United Kingdom—is becoming quite a new trend.

However, this all seems too good to be true … but is it always?

What factors affect the costs? Many overseas dental practices have operations costs that are much cheaper than those in the United Kingdom. These include laboratory costs and dentist fees—usually at a fraction of the cost of the same surgery within the UK—so overall are lower compared to other places like the UK. As a result, the savings trickle down to patients and those who save are able to treat their stay as a holiday. Without the proper research and care, your dental treatment abroad can quickly turn into a nightmare at home. It is important to be aware of the good, the bad and even the ugly sides of medical travel.

The Good

Dental procedures overseas isn’t all bad news: however, it is important to note that dental procedures have a certain risk tied to them. The good news assuming that you’ve chosen a good dentist is that you could be coming home with a smile that mimics the naturalness and form of a real set of teeth, allowing you to smile and eat without any hesitation. If you’ve considered recovering from surgery away from home and are certain about surgery abroad, begin by very thoroughly researching dentists, countries, and procedures. Just as in the United Kingdom, they should display certifications, testimonies and trust, as well as have a clean, licensed practice.

The Bad

Possibly another thing to keep in mind is the fact that, in most cases, a tooth that has undergone repairs will never be as strong as it once was. Even cosmetic dentists here in the United Kingdom can inform you of this. The nightmare stories you hear from botched dental procedures aren’t always from patients who chose to go abroad: it happens here as well. Most of the usual things that can go wrong are fairly minor and easy to deal with. This includes excessive swelling and infections, which can happen due to the response of your own body instead of the treatment itself being at fault.

The Ugly

While sometimes things don’t go actually wrong, the outcome may not be exactly what you thought it would be. As such it is very important to keep your expectations to a realistic level regarding the final outcome of the procedure. No matter how skilled and expensive the dentist of your choice may be, fixing that one crooked tooth probably won’t give you a smile like Cristiano Ronaldo and Cheryl Cole. So, when it comes to your health, you’ll get what you pay for or it may not turn out to be the holiday that you pictured. Dentistry of any kind can be painful, so be sure to follow through with the full recovery process before showing off your pearly whites.